How to use a DSLR PPT and synopsis

one major way that DSLRs are different from consumer “point and shoot” cameras or phones: detachable lenses

  1. prime vs. zoom lenses​
  2. kit lens​
  1. prime lens: only one focal length​
  2. zoom lenses: variable focal lengths
  3. Kit lens a basic lens that comes with a camera body in a “kit,” usually not too expensive​
  4. Metaphors to understand how exposure is determined: ​
    • window​
    • garden hose​
    • tanning
  5. International Organization for Standards – number that describes film’s sensitivity to light​
  6. formerly ASA (American Standards Association)​
  7. Now used to describe sensitivity of digital sensors in digital cameras​
  8. HIGH ISO value means the sensor will be MORE sensitive to light, meaning it will take LESS LIGHT to get the right exposure​
  9. choose the correct ISO for your shooting situation​
  10. more available light = lower ISO​
  11. less available light = higher ISO​
  12. BUT use the lowest ISO you can to avoid grain/noise
  13. shutter speed: how long the shutter is open​
  14. on the Canon T6i ranges from ​
    30” (seconds) to 1/4000 of a second​
  15. choose shutter speed based on situation: ​
  16. higher speed to capture fast action ​
  17.  but what is the tradeoff?
  18. The shutter in a camera is a half circle 180 degrees
  19. So your shutter speed should be double your frame rate
  20. Typical NTSC frame rate is 30 frames per second
  21. Shutter speed 1/60 of a second
  22. How is a lens defined/ described?
  23. Mount
  24. Prime or zoo,
  25. Series
  26. Focal lengths
  27. Maximum apeture


  1. Do I have a strong composition?  think that I have a strong composition with all my pictures I take I always make sure its there.
  2. How well did I edit my photographs? I edit my photos great with the color contrast brightness etc but I love the natural lighting.
  3. What would I do differently if I shot this assignment again? I would have the subjects hand out of the way this way it would look as if they only had the frame in the picture.
  4. Do you think your photographs belong on the blog home page and   should be considered one of the best from all the photo classes? I think that my photos belong on the blog home page but also I wouldnt expect it because theres always better photographers out there.
I really enjoy skateboarding so My favorite brands are hockey FA and thrasher. Ive been skating there boards for a while now and there great I love the shape the designs its different and creative I put a record on my collage because in my free time I love to go to music stores and collect music and just listen to them on the record player. I find it really interesting because music isnt like it used to be back then I just enjoy it differently but I love music in general. I put a famous underground rapper hes really unknown some people know him and some dont I just love his music because whatever mood im in I feel like I can just sit there and listen to it all day. His music is a different genre in rap and hip hop theres like love songs songs talking about how his lifestyle was problems and sometimes where the music is really intense. The red car at the bottom is called a Mazda rx-7 but its not like all the others this one is modified and considered a jdm car. Ive grew up around cars like this and ive been in love with them since day one. I love all the L.A teams and some of them are the La Lakers and the Los Angeles Dodgers there both great teams and they may be popular but I was born to like that team and I have no regrets about liking them. Shoes are really cool in streetwear fashion and you have to have a outfit that matches with the shoes because if you do it will just pop with your outfit. I also grew up liking the San Francisco there a great team and I love them they have there ups and downs but thats every team overall there great. The Pharcyde is a group of guys that were underground back in the 90s and there still great till this day I feel like there music is a little different like there lyrics and beats its something out the ordinary.
In this picture theres a lot of light really bright. Its really contrasted and the back is mostly blurred. The girl is mostly focused on and the bottom. Theres a dandelion shes blowing and the light is on it and you can see the fuzz in the air glowing.


This is a surrealistic picture and was created by Salvador Dali. He is the father of surrealism hes really famous for his paintings and making melted watches and clocks.  This picture is surrealstic because theres like a branch on that branch theres a Shattered camera and another camera on the side. ON the bottom theres a little branch holding up the plate and theres two eggs on the plate. On the top of everything is a snail and it looks as if its looking into the camera.

Angles critique

In this picture the angle that was taken was really low. The photographer made good composition with blurring the clouds. The photographer made a low shot make the tower look really big on the bottom. At the top the photographer made it look really small and a bit taller. They got the shot right to see the whole bottom of the tower too. If you didnt know this is the eiffel tower. The Eiffel tower was made in 1887 january 28. The Eiffel tower was made of puddle iron. the eiffel tower stands tall in Paris France and has been there since day one. They have made some adjustments to it like the big screen that wasnt there when it was first built. The photographer had to really get down to get the shot of this angle. The editing was perfect with the colors tones. He used great composition and he also made it to where the tour was focused on. The trees and the background was blurred a bit and it was almost like an eye catcher for the Eiffel Tower. The photographer got the shot really clear and messed with the color scheme in his editing skills. He also had to block some things out in the back and make the shot really focused. They kind of blurred it at the bottom if you can tell and it gets more clear up. The Eiffel tower does have an elevator so you can go up there and see all of paris france. If you can see on the legs of the tower theres a lot of the puddle iron but in the middle of each leg is a elevator. People can tour up there or even sometimes people come to take pictures. Like the photographer a lot of photographers come here to take pictures and then later edit the photo and post it to the internet.