Photography tree

What are the jobs you would be interested in? photography  and my brand in buisness

What sparks your interest in these jobs? The process and projects in them

Where would you like to work? (Town, State, Country) Fontana california united states of america

What do you think responsibilities would be in those jobs?

What do you think the salary would be? 30k-79k

(Depending on where you are located)

What other fields or jobs would you like to pursue and why? I would wanna be a fashion designer because id like to see people on magazines or fashion shows

Masters of photography

For the Masters of photography I chose Roy DeCARAVA. I chose him because I love the pictures he created there very classic and just interesting.

They have lots of contrast and the subjects and objects and props are interesting.

Most of the pictures aren’t just any picture they have a meaning to them and that’s one thing I really do enjoy about them.

His pictures are really abstract like somethings its like mind blowing of what hes shot before .

I think his photography is very different from other photographers because of how dark and contrasted the picture really is

I think that some of the pictures and things that are taken of the subject there’s a story in a story from them.


Advertising photography

These ads catch my eye because of the color contrast and just the action thats going on in the picture.

  1. Who is the client, or company you are representing? Im representing my brand
  2. What is the product? Its a streetwear clothing brand
  3. Who is the target audience? Skaters
  4. Where would you expect to see this advertisement? Everywhere
  5. What kind of lighting are you going to use to make this look professional? Hot lights
  6. What props do you need? Clothing

History of photography

I think that a lot of the history of photography has affected our lifetime and mine as well because of all the changes

There was like so many lenses becoming more advanced because at first from what ive seen it was just a little box

That box was called the brownie because it was a brown camera and it was just a box shape

I feel like man you know what if those cameras were still being made what would we think because as of our

generation its like so special its vintage and just beautiful.


I just think like how would the world know about the wars that were photographed they were out there in the field.

Like how would we know I mean maybe in the newspaper but now that some of the old pictures they were history.

So now that im thinking photographs of the war were really an impact because theres photographs around schools.

Theres some in history classes all the photographs were just passed on and still are to this day about the wars.

I think that if a camera was never a thing I dont know what this world would be because if you look everywhere there

are pictures all around