conceptional self portrait

Relating to or based on mental concepts. This relates to me because I feel like taking pictures is a big thing apart of me. I feel like taking pictures expresses feelings and just in a photo there is always a meaning to it. I think when i take pictures I always have a plan and other photographers have inspired me to do what I shoot I really love landscape photos flowers and plants and just the nature interests me and its my way of saying I enjoy seeing nature around the world because its beautiful.

Jpeg vs Raw

Raw files are just bigger than the Jpeg because they contain all the raw image information captured by your digital camera’s sensors, completely uncompressed.

Which file is bigger RAW or Jpeg? RAW

Can you change a Raw file to a Jpeg, once your photos are the computer? How? You can change Raw to a jpeg by going to the the photos in RAW format in Photoshop

If you were shooting an important event would you shoot it RAW or Jpeg? Explain. I would shoot Raw because its better quality.